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Looking to upgrade your vending service for your company? We can help you today!

We provide newer model snack vending machines that look and work great, they accept coins, bills, debit and credit cards. Our machines also have a “Guaranteed Delivery System” that ensures you get your product. It eliminates product hang ups!

Choose from a wide variety of chips, chocolate bars, gum, cookies and healthy snacks for your machine.

After each restocking visit we clean and test our machines to make sure they are working properly for you.

Be sure to take a look at our Vending Products List.

If you would like to reach me. Call Me Direct at (905) 510-7597.

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I personally respond to all calls and e mails within 1 hour!

Looking to RENT a Vending Machine for your business?

We can help you today! Feel free to contact us for more information about our Vending Machine Rentals!

We offer monthly rentals of snack and beverage equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does your vending service work?

We set up our machines at your company at no cost to you. Your staff can purchase products from the machines. We will come in every week to restock the machines and we take care of all maintenance.

Is there any cost to us?

Our full-service vending program is 100% Free. We provide the machines, restocking and maintenance at no cost to you.

Can we subsidize the cost for products in the machines?

Yes. We can set the pricing lower in the vending machines for staff and invoice you the difference each month.

How long does it take to install the vending machine?

We usually require 7- 10 business days to order, deliver and set up our vending machines. We keep it very simple:

Step 1: Fill out our contact form.

Step 2: I will contact you directly to set up a time for us to meet at your location to discuss your needs.

Step 3: I’ll take some measurements and discuss where you would like the machines installed and what selections you would like in the machines.

Step 4: I’ll order your vending machines and arrange delivery.

Can we choose the products in the vending machine?

Yes. We have a product list that you can choose from. Or you can send me an email direct with a list of products that you would like.

What is the size of your vending machines?

Most machines are approximately 72”H x 36” W x 35” D. Having the proper amount of space to install your vending machines is important.

What type of electrical outlet do we need for the vending machine?

Just a standard 120-volt plug will do.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes. We carry a two-million-dollar policy.

How many employees do you require to utilize your service?

We generally would like to see a minimum of 80 staff working on site.

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